Saturday, December 20, 2008


Okay, we prayed for the snow and boy did we ever get it! Even with all the inconveniences that comes with snow in this volume, we are enjoying it. I tried to venture out on Thursday morning only to get a couple of miles down the road and turn around to head back home. I ended up having to leave my car parked at the end of the hill and walk. Sorry, Donna G., I sure tried.
The snow kept falling all day, turning our neighborhood into a winter wonderland. The kids squeeled and screamed with delight as the sleds flew down the hill. They played outside till they were purple. As we all sat at my friend/neighbor Lindsey's house for a cup of hot tea, David said that his chapped face hurt, and asked if his chin was going to turn black and fall off like when people freeze on TV. I assured him that he wasn't "freezer burned" just chapped. This left Lindsey and her husband Dan laughing at me. I suppose I was having one of my many blonde moments, for I had meant to say "frost bit". haha. Oh, well, the kids knew what I meant.
As we were enjoying ourselves inside the Armstongs warm house over lasagna and garlic bread, we got a call from Dustin, he was stuck on Lakeway. Dan got bundled up and headed out the door to find Dustin and pick him up. Due to a misundersanding as to Dustin's where-abouts, Dustin ended up walking all the way home with his laptop and a few bags of grocery's. He was frozen solid when he got here. My poor baby. As for Dan, he was still out there in the storm somewhere looking for Dustin. After 2 hours Lindsey decided to call Dan's mom who had a 4x4, to head out and track him down. He didn't have his cell phone with him, and we imagined he was in a ditch somewhere. As Lindsey was on the phone, Dan walked in. Whew! Everyone was safe and sound.
With more snow in the forecast we are planning to spend the next couple of days here at home, enjoying each others company. I am so thankful for a family that knows how to have fun together, and for friends who live close enough to enjoy this beautiful snow with us.

The next few pictures are of David and Esther playing together. She is the little girl that I mentioned in my post "Girls Are Gross" a couple of months ago. She has had a crush on David since school started. David is always telling us how gross she is, but we have noticed that he is paying more attention to his appearance than he use to. He even wears deoderant and gels his hair. Haha. I had to run out and get some pictures of him grinning ear to ear as they threw snowballs back and forth. SO cute!

The view from my front door tonight.

and from the back door. Watch this short video clip of the kids sledding down the hill in front of our house. I love how our little doggies were having just as much fun chasing after them.


Charity said...

SWEET! We've got at least 7" of new snow on top of the 2+ we got on Thursday, and its still falling about 1" an hr. One prediction I read estimated as much as 14" of new accumulation. If this keeps up all night, we'll probably see that. My kids had some fun in the snow too, but we don't have any good sledding hills around us, unfortunately. I think its safe to say we will not be attempting a drive to Port Orchard for church services tomorrow!

Shannon said...

I miss being stuck in the snow at your house.... I loved that hill :-)

Anonymous said...

What fun! Brings back some memories of sledding in VT. :) Glad you got to spend some time w/Lindsey too...those pics of Jacob are adorable.

Dustin said...

That's my boy! He makes daddy proud!

Lindsey Armstrong said...

Poor Dustin and Dan :( At least we had fun...haha :)