Friday, December 26, 2008

Congratulations Jesse & Ruth

After dating for about 4 years, Jesse proposed to my little sister, Ruth, on Christmas morning. They both looked so happy as they announced their engagement and showed off the ring.

Best wishes, Jesse and Ruth! We are glad that you are finally taking the plunge into wedded bliss!


B.E.Hughes said...

Good deal! When's the wedding?

preacher said...

I am sooooo happy about Ruth and Jesse's engagement. Nice couple. Beautiful ring! Looking forward to their wedding.

handstrustinhim said...

Congrats to Ruth and Jesse! Is this the same Jesse that came into Tully's all the time when i worked there with Ruth??? Just wondering cause I'm nosey and he looks very familiar!
Hope you are doing well. I was just sitting here getting caught up on everyone's blog.
Happy New Year.

Alice said...

Yes, it's the same "Jesse". They met at Tully's a LONG time ago and have been dating for about 4 years.
It is so good to see her so happy again.

handstrustinhim said...

That is wonderful!!! Very happy for her. Thanks for the sweet comment you left!