Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Hand-Me-Down" Treasures

My mom use to set up this adorable little village in her home for all of us to enjoy. Over the years, she stopped putting it out. With all the grandkids it was safer tucked away in its box. She has let me set it up at my house the last few years. It looks beautiful on my new red credenza that my sister Joy recently gave me. I just love hand-me-downs, and these have added the perfect touch of Christmas to my cozy little home. Thank you Mom and Joy, you will have to come over and check it out, it looks so much prettier in person.

I found this floral centerpiece for my table at a 2nd-hand store for a whole $2 last week. I just added a coordinating bow, and wah-lah, a pretty Christmas touch to the dining room.
We are going to get a real tree this Saturday. I am so excited to have the fresh pine scent in the air, not to mention the joy of not having to assemble the artificial one. I will post pictures soon.


B.E.Hughes said...

I sure like your festive home... my own? Well... it isn't Christmas YET, so there is time, I hope!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Ally! I'm glad that you were able to put the Cr-r-r-redendzah! (don't forget to roll the R) to good use...I like the amount of room it gives me in my living room, and it looks so nice in your home. I love how we can help each other out! :)