Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Ebberts Tree Farm

Dustin and I lived on this cute little farm early in our marriage. Gary and Kathleen Ebbert were more than just our landlords, they were our neighbors and friends. Kathleen has always said that I was the daughter they never had, and when Grace was born they adored her. We would have stayed there forever if we could have, but we out grew the single mobile home and had to move on. I will never forget all the fond memories of the country life.

The kids had so much fun running around the many acres of beautiful scenery. I smiled as I watched them enjoying the simple things in life. Some day I would love to get another place in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. What a wonderful place to raise kids.

Once we could all agree on which tree to take home Dustin showed David how to cut it down. I can't believe how fast my little boy is growing up. There was a day when I would have NEVER put a saw in his hands, but he was so mature and cut it down all by himself.

Okay, so once we got the tree down to the car I noticed how small it was. It reminded of the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. When I found out that we were going to get a real tree this year I had imagined a big, beautiful noble fir, and as the tree sat atop our little car I had to laugh.

I told some friends about our tiny tree. Joy said that once I got the decorations on it, it would look big and beautiful just like Charlie Brown's did. So, I put our little tree on a box to give it a little stature, and the kids and I covered it in lights and ornaments. You, know, Joy was right!


Sally Ann said...

It is a pretty tree. It smells nice too.

B.E.Hughes said...

It will work... lovely... great day of family memories. Thank you for sharing photos.

I am truly blessed said...

Oh it is perfect...because you guys chose it as a family. The memories that you guys will have with that tree make it perfect. Who cares if it is a little on the small side. It looks great. How fun too.....sounds like a neat place.