Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amanda Tagged Me

I didn't know they did these on Blogger either, but I am game.

1. Where is your cell phone? on the kitchen counter
2. Where is your homework? in my Bible
3. Your hair color? icky grayish, brownish, blondish (getting it done Thurs.)
4. Your mother? one of my best friends
5. Your father? my encourager and prayer warrior
6. Your favorite thing? lately...my computer
7. Your dream last night? don't remember
8. Your dream/goal? to be more like Him
9. The room you’re in? Dining room
10. Your hobby? scrapbooking, knitting and misc. crafts
11. Your fear? losing the ones I love
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? serving my Jesus wherever He puts me
13. Where were you last night? on the sofa rubbing Dustin's feet
14. What you’re not? skinny
15. One of your wish-list items? a sewing machine
16. Where you grew up? Vermont
17. The last thing you did? painted my front door RED
18. What are you wearing? my painting clothes
19. Your TV? stealer of family time!
20. Your pet(s)? Mini Schnauzer -Dewey & Yorkie -Phoebe & Diamond our kitty
21. Your computer? Awesome, wide-screen laptop, a Christmas present from my honey
22. Your mood? happy! God is so good to me.
23. Missing someone? always missing my friends in Texas, and Renea, and now a friend in NC too.
24. Your car? 31 miles to the gallon
25. Something you’re not wearing? make-up
26. Favorite store? Goodwill and other thrift stores
27. Your loves? my Bible & music (listening and singing)
28. Love someone? so many...like I said, God is so good to me.
29. Your favorite color? aqua blue/green
30. When is the last time you laughed? this morning when Dewey was running laps full speed around the house (he is usually chained up but I let him play outside while I was painting..he loved the freedom, haha)
31. Last time you cried? a little while ago when I read Amanda's answers to this survey. I miss her.

I don't have a whole lot of blogger friends yet. I am trying to encourage some of my friends to start one (ya'll know who you are). Anyways, I tag you, Charrissa...and I will be patient for your answers for I know that you do not feel too well these days.

"Wise Friendships"

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly... ―Proverbs 18:24
[This is an excerpt from my dad's sermon on “Wise Friendships” last Wednesday]:

1. Be friendly and helpful.
2. Smile at people
3. Speak to people – Give people a cheerful word of greeting.
4. Call people by name – the sweetest music to anyone's ear.
5. Be congenial – adapt yourself to the person and situation.
6. Be genuinely interested in people.
7. Be generous with praise; cautious with criticism.
8. Be considerate of the feelings of others. How would you feel if you were treated in the same manner?
9. Be respectful of the opinions of others.
10. Be alert to serve – what counts most in life is what we do for others!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Spindlenique Boutique Outfits

Thank you so much, Amanda. The girls and I love our new handmade Spindlenique Boutique skirts! Hopie looked adorable today in her skirt, peasant top and pretty hair clips. She walked around church like a little lady. After church we stopped by the Purdy Spit to take a few pictures of her so we could share your handiwork with all my online friends. I've also posted a few pictures of me wearing my knee length skirt as well as my long. Every piece that was sent was wonderful and unique!

If you want more info you can contact Amanda through her online store at spindleniqueboutique.esty.com or click "handstrustinhim" link on my side bar. She custom makes each order just for you.


Of course this huge ol' worm-like bug had to show up on my front porch just as some friends from church were dropping off their little ones for Grace to babysit. It was the most disgusting bug I have ever seen...and it was BIG (about 4 inches long and about an inch around). It reminded me of the big fat caterpillar on Bugs Life. Poor Lindsey is not a fan of any type of creepy crawly was afraid to even come up to the door. Do you blame her??? Anyways, just looking at the picture gives me the heebie-jeebies. It was most definitely "icky".

Friday, September 26, 2008

I love you, Charrissa

It's so good to have you back in my life. I have missed my "kindred-spirit" friend. Thank you for loving me...inspite of me. For encouraging me in the things of the Lord, and for your constant prayers for me and my family.

I am here for you always.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recycled Board Books

You can find these little books at garage sales or thrift stores for just pennies. They come in many different shapes and sizes. I have found that the square ones are the easiest to cut to fit, but if you want to take the extra time to create a fun shaped book, they work as well.
This pretty book was a birthday present for my sister a couple of years ago. I always make them as gifts and have none of my own to share, so thank you, Joy, for the loan. I will get it back to you later this week (even though it matches my house better ; ).
Before I get started, I sand off the original childrens story. You can do it by hand, or if you're like me and want to get on with the actual scrapbooking, you can use a hand sander. I usually do a few at a time while I have the sander out, as it is a little messy. Once you have sanded down the books they are ready to cover with your favorite paper and pictures using a really good quality scrapbook glue-stick. On this project, the book had curved corners, and my Creative Memories corner cropper worked perfectly! One of the many little things that I get excited about. haha. I always do each page seperate, meaning I cut the paper along the book binding. Otherwise, when it closes and opens it pulls and just doesn't lay tidy and flat.
They make the most wonderful gifts for your family and friends for they contain memories and sweet sentiments that they will enjoy year after year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hard Times

When I saw this picture of my sister Ruth, I was reminded of how hard things were for us while my dad was pastoring in Vermont. The Lord always provided our needs, but there were times we didn't have the money for food, much less for stylish, new clothes. My dad has often shared the story of the time we had nothing to eat but saltine crackers and a little jar of peanut butter. I can remember sitting around the table and thanking God for the food that He had provided, not knowing where our next meal would come from. Later that night we recieved a phone call from another pastor in the area who had a van full of food that his church had collected for our family. They pulled in the driveway and began to carry in boxes and bags of groceries. Not just practical food for cooking, but lots of goodies that we rarely got to have. Before the men left, we all said thankyou. Some of us were teary eyed as we put the groceries away, finding that we didn't have enough room in our cupboards to fit it all. My dad sat us all down, and began to pray, thanking the Lord for his provision once again. It was a night I will never forget.

My mom use to make all of our clothing out of bargin fabric, which we would pass down as we outgrew them. On occasion like our birthday or Christmas she would make something especially for us. To say the least, we weren't the best dressed kids in the neightborhood, with our hand-me-down socks and shoes...but we had Godly parents who loved us and that is a lot more than some of the wealthiest kids in the world have.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cedar Dance Team

Yesterday was Cedar Heights first varsity football game. I am in no means a fan of football...but I am a new fan of the Cedar Dance Team. My little Gracie looked so grown up as her team took the field for half-time. The coordination that those girls have is amazing to watch. I was the proud mommy standing on the sidelines with the camera :D

This sport has changed Grace's whole outlook on school, and self-discipline as well. She went from C's & a couple D's, to A's and one B. She knows she has to keep her grades up, or we will pull her from the team. It's so good to see her actually bringing books home and studying for a change.

It was tough for her to get on the dance team at her school. They are national champions and go to Florida every February to compete against some of the best teams in the USA. She didn't get on the first time she tried out, but she was determined and didn't quit. We are so proud of all her hard work!

Watch the short video clip..Grace is on the far left in the front row. (the itty bitty one)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Being Overweight

A new report suggests that being overweight is not as harmful as is commonly believed, and actually confers some surprising benefits.

Being five to ten pounds overweight could protect people from ailments ranging from tuberculosis to Alzheimer's disease, research indicates. Those carrying 15 to 25 extra pounds are better able to recover from adverse conditions such as emphysema, pneumonia, and various injuries and infections, states the report.

Thirty to forty pounds of flab could help fend off breast, kidney, pancreatic, prostate, and colon cancer. And an extra fifty pounds on the scale may improve eyesight, reverse baldness, cure the common cold, and reduce global warming.

In general, the report concludes, overweight people are happier, more successful in business, smarter, and friendlier.

The study was funded by a research grant from McDonald's, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Domino's Pizza, Starbucks, Haagen Dazs, Sara Lee, and Krispy Kreme.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking Advantage of the Sunshine!

I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been over the last couple of weeks. Some friends of ours suggested a picnic at the lake last Sunday after church. Normally, I would rather be at home on Sunday afternoons, as I seem to be overly tired that day, but we decided we should take advantage of the sunny days while they are here. We stopped by Fred Meyer, grabbed some chicken and soda's and headed to Horseshoe Lake.

Lindsey, Dan and their little Jacob met us there as well as Joy and her boys and my neice Sydney. We tried to enjoy a beautiful picnic lunch but the bees kept wanting to join in on the fun. No one could really sit very long without one landing on their food. It was actually entertaining to watch Joy and Lindsey squeal whenever one came near them. haha. I probably shouldn't laugh, I act the same way when there are spiders around. We found that as long as there was no food in our hands the bees left us alone, so we put the food away and decided to sit down closer to the lake and just enjoy the warm, sunny day. Baby Jacob absolutely loves throwing rocks in the water. He was fully entertained all afternoon digging in the mud for rocks and then splashing them into the lake. The older kids took turns jumping off of the dock. David wasn't able to last year, but has mastered swimming now so we let him as long as we were standing right there.Our little yorkie, Phoebe, seemed so concerned whenever the kids jumped in the water. She would lean over the dock and peer down into the water to make sure they were all right. She's so stinkn' adorable! Joy ended up leaving after not too long, she just couldn't handle the buzzing bees that seemed to be attracted to her. hehe. They seem to know the people who are the most afraid of them. It was good that she could get out for a little while and fellowship with us, hopefully next time we won't have any pests distracting our good time. I am thoroughly enjoying these last summer days, and thankful that the rain has not yet begun.

Samuel's Birthday Party

We had so much fun on Saturday as we celebrated Samuel's 7th birthday at the park. What a blessing it is every time I see Annette, her husband Chris, and their beautiful children! Another miraculously mended family. The friends, the smiles, the laughter...mmm the cake! What a great party. My kids have always wanted to ride the little train and finally got the chance to do it, and share the experience with all their friends. They filled up an entire train with just the birthday party...even Bro. Hake, our associate pastor got on there with his LONG legs. haha. I of course, stayed behind so I could take pictures and hold little Phoebe. It does my heart good to see all the little ones having so much fun. Thanks, Annette, for letting us share this day with you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day at the Office

A few years ago, Puget Sound Financial Center was needing a fill in receptionist, since their regular became ill. My sister, Joy, who works there, suggested me, and so I began working an afternoon here and there. When the receptionist job opened up to full-time position, I was asked to take the job. I absolutely love it there, the people, the job, the atmosphere...so I said yes. As time went by I really missed being at home. I loved being around grown-ups all day, but at the same time, I missed being there for my kiddos. After trying to work out part-time hours with my boss and co-workers, with no real options, I decided I would just quit and find something else. When Joy's boss heard that I was available part-time he told me that he had some stuff I could do a couple days a week, as well as being Joy's assistant. HOW FUN! This was just before summer, so I ended up taking the summer off so I could catch up on some things at home, and be there with my kids while they were out of school. It has been wonderful, but summer is over and back to work I go. Except for not feeling very well, my first day back was wonderful. I have the cutest, most adorable supervisor ever...aka: JOY or "Miss Smarty". She is a stock broker now and with me there to do all her paperwork she will have more time to do whatever it is she does. ;) Oh, my goodness, you should see her new office. It's huge, and the view from her window is amazing. I have a pretty good view from mine too, it's her smiling face! We can give each other silly looks through the glass all day. Anyways, I love that the Lord has allowed me to "have my cake and eat it too", concerning my job situation. I can get out and make a little money doing something that I really enjoy, as well as be home. He is so good to me.