Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I love you so much! Enjoy your special day. XOXO

Dad and his parents.

Dad and me

Dad and Joy

Dad and Charity

Check out his polyester plaid pants. haha
Not to mention the Laurel and Hardy print on my mom's maternity dress.

Dad and Ruth

Graduation from Midwestern Bible College

Pastor of Barton Baptist Church, Vermont


preacher said...

Alice, That was very sweet of you. Thanks. Those pictures brought back a ton of precious memories. You should put a caption under some of them to say who is with me. Love, Dad

preacher said...

Hey... Those plaid pants were the "in-thing" in the early '70's. And Mom made that Laural & Hardy dress herself. She also made me a matching neck tie. I used to wear it all the time!

One Happy Family said...

Whose Laural & Hardy????