Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Word Answers:

Remem​ber your answe​rs have to be two words​.​

1.Where​ is your cell phone​?​ beside me
2.One tattoo? "not forgotten"
3.Your hair? needs cut
4.Your brother? no boys :(
5.Your sister? which one?
6.Your favorite color? aqua green
7.Your dream last night​? don't recall
8.Your favorite beverage? Starbuck's Chai
9.Your dream​/​goal? please Him
10.The room you'​re in? PNWAM office
11.Your ex? long gone
12.Your fear? family dying
13.Where​ do you want to be in 10 years​? God's will
14.Where​ were you last night​? parents house
15.With who? my kiddos
16.Muffins? Amanda's blackberry (still my favorite)
17.One of your wish list items​? finish remodeling
18.Where​ you grew up? Vermont/Lynnwood
19.The last thing​ you did? scanned accounts
20.What are you wearing? red dress
21.Your TV? not needed
22.Your pets? my babies
23.Your computer? Christmas present
24.Your life? abundantly blessed
25.Your mood? very happy
26.Missing someone? Dusty Poo ;)
27.Something you'​re not wearing? comfy jammies
28.Favorite Place​? Glenrose, Texas
29.Your summer? absolutely awesome
30.Love someone? Sooooo much!
31.Your favorite shape​? pretty diamonds
32.Last time you laugh​ed? lots today
33.Last time you cried​? Oct 17th
34.Who will repost this? Shannon/Sally


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

Are you kidding me,,, whew what a list, you must have been bored! lol why were you said on the 17th?

Mrs. Renfro said...

It would have been my friends birthday... I was feeling sad all day and wishing she was still here

Mrs. Renfro said...

I did this on my break at work didn't take too long. All the answers were only 2 words :)