Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hopie's Art

Ever since she was a toddler, Hope has loved coloring & drawing. I always thought that she had a gift for that sort of thing. Her pictures bring smiles to everyone's faces. Her school teacher put her in an art class to help her to expand her talent. Here are a few of her drawings on the concept of shading. I will post more as she learns.

Here's a couple of her recent drawings just for fun.


B.E.Hughes said...

I always love to see her creations... thank you! She reminds me of her mom and grandmom... yay... someday a threesome at Daydreamed Designs!

preacher said...

Hope is going to be a creative artist like her Mom and Grandma! Very cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

She definitely got the "creative" gene. She got it from both sides, because her dad and mom are very good artists and very creative! Lucky!