Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Friends

Okay, so I have been pretty patient about this but am eagerly waiting for my friends to get blogs of their own started. If you need me to help you I would love to!!!

BTW...this post is for Joy, Lindsey, MOM, Ruth, Sally, Shannon, Donna D & Donna G. Actually, the more the let's go girls!!!

I was excited to visit Charity's new blog,

You know I love ya!


Anonymous said...

hmmm if I remember correctly you called this a time stealer!! lol Im not as gifted as all of you bloggers, and I dont have an exciting life to blog about.... D G

~~Deby said...

it would be wonderful to see more familiar faces...I am on my 2nd year of blogging and love it and the many friends I have made...and some that have become RLF (real life friends) through this ...yes it does take time but it is ministry of sorts, right?

Mrs. Renfro said...

Yes, I very much agree. It's a continual testimony to how good God has been to us, and a fun way to share.
We are well on our way, Donna G and Charity got their blogs and my mom will be soon :D

mom said...

yah, right!

Sally Ann said...

Ok. I have a blog now! And I'm LOVIN it!

Dustin said...

Chicks......You're all insane.