Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo Tag...I'm It.

Rules of the game:
Take your 6th picture folder and your 6th picture and post it, its that easy.

Okay, Donna G. tagged me so here's my picture.

This is David's end of the year project on the Sand Tiger Shark last year. He was so proud of it. He did all of the research on his own, but of course, Mom and Grandma helped him with his display board. He also made the stages of the shark from egg to full grown out of clay. He did an awesome job! and he got an A :)

I tag MOM! That's a good way to get her bloggin. hehe


B.E.Hughes said...

I love that project! He was SO particular about which picture and article went where and was AWED that they printed in COLOR (yeah, man!). He will be an awesome boss man some day, LOL.

Tagged, huh? Good way to dead end a project, if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! You can tell by David's face that he was so proud of his work on the project! :)

Funny that you tagged Mom...she needs to get to blogging! :)