Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mmm, Caramel Apples

My kids and I have been wanting to make caramel apples for years and we finally did it, and boy, were they ever good! Even better than the ones you can get at the fair, if I do say so myself. I let the kids do their own, and put as much caramel and sprinkles on as they wanted. We had Shannon's little Emily for the week, and she thoroughly enjoyed her apple. It was so weighted down with caramel that she kept dropping it on the table. Every time she dropped it, it got completely stuck to the table. She would pull with all her might, crying, "Apple, apple, apple!" until one of us would go help her.Not yet, baby, wait for the candy.

We have decided to make these delicious treats every fall, and make a tradition of it. It was great fun, and they were oh, so yummy.
Although you don't see Grace in the pictures, she was there as well. She just wouldn't let me take her picture since her hair was a mess. Haha..teenagers!!


Lindsey Armstrong said...

It looks like it was fun and tasty...haha!

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

My teeth ache just lookin at those apples!! Hey when are we getting together again,,,, that was fun!! Coffee?

~~Deby said...

oh those look good...think I would have to slice them up...and maybe dip as I go in the carmel.....
wow does that sound good...can I come over?