Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Some More of the Family

We went down to Portland on New Year's Day so that we could visit with Dustin's family. After spending a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa, we all headed over to Aunt Kerry Jo's for a great big feast. Let me tell you, these guys know how to make some grubbin' food!!! I had to keep reminding myself of my desire to lose weight this as I looked at the bountiful buffet before me. I was going to start my diet that day, but how could I say no to Aunt Nancy's chocolate covered Ritz and peanut-butter? Mmmm, they just melt in your mouth.
Last Thanksgiving was the last time we had seen everyone. Cohen and Melody were just babies last year but this time they were running around the house with the other children. Sweet, little Audrey is the newest addition. What a doll!!! She was passed from relative to relative and when I finally got a turn I didn't want to give her up.
It was so good to see everyone again and catch up on all the happenings of 2008. Hopefully we will see them more than just once in 2009.


Sally Ann said...

Cute baby. It would be so AWESOME to have another little cousin! I hope Hopie isn't the last one!

Alice said...

Well, Sally, I hate to disappoint you but Hopie is the last one for me :(

Maybe Aunt Joyce will get married and have one ;)

Shannon said...

I'm glad you had such a good time in Portland. Just remember what it was like to have Emily for the week when you have the want to have another baby lol.