Thursday, January 8, 2009

Landside on Creekview

Well, friends, we have made national news with all this rain and flooding! After all the wonderful snow we've been hit hard with the rain and the wind. So much rain that they have had to close two mountain passes as well as parts of Interstate 5, leaving many families evacuating their homes.
We woke up this morning to see that this rain storm has even affected our little neighborhood. A landslide at the end of Creekview has covered the entrance of the street with mud, rocks and streams.
It's pretty amazing how much damage a little extra rain can do, but praise God, I know the One who speaks and even the winds and the seas obey Him.

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B.E.Hughes said...

There's a drawback for every blessing, I suppose. Although it's "prettier", I dislike the snow because of the inconvenience of the shoveling, driving, etc.

The rain drawback is the runoff when it comes in great quantity, as it has this week.

On the plus side, if yesterday's rain had been snow, you would have been snowbound another week! Imagine you and 3 kids and hubby locked in again! Well, no work = no pay, so rain is best, I guess!