Thursday, January 15, 2009

LENKA in Concert

This was my 2nd time experiencing Lenka in concert. She is an up and coming artist from Austrailia. My dad took Joy to see her for a "daddy/daughter" last year and we have been fans ever since. The kids and I love her Cd, it is so cheerful and happy. There are a couple ballads she sings so soothingly, it just puts you into relaxtion mode. The next time she came to the Seattle area Joy and I went so I could hear her in person. The concert was over-crowded and I couldn't see past all the tall people standing in front of me. I was so disappointed.
This time my dad made sure he got us up front where we could relax and just enjoy the show. It was an awesome night and she never sang better as far as I'm concerned. We got our money's worth because she sang every song on her album, plus an enchore song. I can't wait till she comes back so I can bring Grace and Hope.
She is very sweet and spends a lot of one on one time with her fans. (if you have time to wait in the never ending line).

This is Joy and I the last time she was in Seattle. We had her sign a picture of her with my dad for his birthday present. "Happy Birthday! With Love, Lenka". My dad loved it!


preacher said...

WOW! That is nice. It was truly a great night of sweet singing. I could listen to Lenka sing all day long. When you see her in person, it is almost like she is singing just for you! I hope Lenka looks at your blog. Everyone should buy Lenka's CD. Every song on it is a gem! Can't wait for her to come to Seattle again. Hope she sings at the Triple Door again next time. Thanks Alice for posting this on your blog. Love, Dad

B.E.Hughes said...

uh, Al... She WAS singing just to YOU (check out the eyes in the pix! She KEPT looking at you all night!). LOL

Great concert... great fellowship! Good seats!

Sally Ann said...

Bring ME TOO!!! My two favs are "The Show" and "Live Like Your Dying". Well...they are the only ones I have.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Looks like you all had a Wonderful night....Sweet!!! BTY "Handy Manny" is fairly new on the Disney channel. Nehemiah loves him. He is a Handy man with a strong mexican accent. All his tools talk too!!


Anonymous said...

That was a fun night...but how embarrassing that I'm wearing the same shirt to both concerts! :-O

You didn't blog about the food, I noticed...I still think the "cheese tray" was hilarious! They call that a cheese tray?

Hazel Eye Beauty said...

ha, joyce, I wouldnt have noticed if you didnt say anything!!! Is she a Christian singer? You will have to let me borrow a cd ally.

Alice said...

Donna G
You are welcome to borrow my Lenka CD any time.
No she is not a christian artist. Just clean and wholesome music.

preacher said...

I uploaded Lenka's encore song "Vincent O'Brien" on YouTube. Go to You Tube, type in "Lenka Vincent O'Brien" and enjoy some great singing.