Thursday, March 26, 2009

David Made His Teacher Laugh Out Loud

Today at David's parent/teacher conference she shared a funny essay that David wrote last month. Well, it wasn't suppose to be funny. It was on the serious subject of criminals vs. the law. (they were able to chose whatever they wanted to write about). She said that she stayed after school to grade papers and read through the rough drafts of the essay's. As she read David's she felt it was a bit violent for a school project. The picture he had drawn was of some cops with their guns drawn and aimed at some guy in a car. She continued reading about how the police had to chase the bad guy and then make him get out of the car with his hands up. After they searched him they found out that he had been drinking and driving and also smoking "wheat". (hahahaha)
She said that she laughed so loud that she is sure teachers down the hall heard her. Anyways, she ended up asking him how he came up with this subject idea, knowing that Dustin and I aren't really the "wheat" smoking type. He told her that he saw it on cops and that he thought it was cool. She agreed that it was cool, but probably not appropriate for school, so he ended up doing his essay on Snakes. I think I would have rather read his version of COPS.


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

uhhh, me too!

Shannon said...

LOL... That's great! To bad she didn't let him write it.

Sally Ann said...

That's funny! We watch cops all the time. I like the part about "wheat". Lol!