Monday, September 21, 2009

Puyallup Fair 2009

This year with Dustin in China during the state fair and unable to accompany us, we ended up doing the Puyallup with our friends Jen, Kat and her family. I must say, it is rarely boring with those two around. Hopie just adores "Miss Jen", who taught her Sunday School class for a couple years, and I found myself (Hope-less) on a few occasions as she ran off to go on the dizzy rides with Jen. David is very much like me, we aren't too crazy for the spinny rides that make you sick to your stomach. Even on the milder rides the poor little guy would grip the bar so hard that he complained of his hands hurting whenever he would get off a ride. He told me that he was afraid of falling out of the seat. I found that he enjoyed the games a lot more than the rides so next time we know to save his money for that sort of thing instead of the rides. 
Grace brought Ashton, her inseperable other half, with us; so I didn't see her much. They had some friends from school who met them there, and would only call my cell when they wanted food. I suppose I am good for something. 
We checked out a few of the animals, but not as much as I would have liked to. David wouldn't stop complaining about the smell, and for those of you who know David, you know that once he sets his mind on something...that is all he talks about. So, due to the smell, and the constant whines we decided to go check out the venders instead. 
We ended up staying till they closed the park. With a dozen scones, a few prizes and a handful of sleepy kids we headed home. Everyone was asleep before we even got out of Puyallup. Everyone but David, who kept asking me if I was sleepy, in fear of my falling asleep at the wheel. I knew he was exhausted, as his little head would bob from time to time, only to awaken and ask me again if I was tired. I told him that I wasn't a bit tired, except for my feet and that he could go ahead and rest. Of course...he fought sleep until we pulled into the driveway and he replied, " I just can't believe you aren't sleepy, Mom." (ahhh..but I was).

Free water, Yay!!



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Ahhhh... the fair... Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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