Monday, September 21, 2009

A beautiful day for a walk.

A few weeks ago, after failing to button yet another pair of jeans, I decided to start eating better and exercising more. My dryer was broken so I was at my parents doing laundry and decided it was a beautiful day for a walk. My sister Joyce came over to join me on my venture to be thin again. Our first lap around the block we enjoyed the flowers that were in full bloom all over the neighborhood. Before our second lap, I grabbed my camera so I could get some pictures.

On our third lap we got distracted by the Schwan man who gave us a catalog to look at. We never made it around the forth time, since all the goodies in the catalog made us hungry. We headed back to mom and dad's to see what goodies we could find. :-)


B.E.Hughes said...

Ah, what a lovely neighborhood to walk in! LOL

As I write this I am heading out to walk that loop with my neighbor! Thanks for sharing! Lovely flowers!

preacher said...

Keep on walkin' It is good for you. If you ever need a "walkin' partner" or something "sweet", your Dad and Mom are here for you. Love, Dad

Alice said...

I love you both so much. Thank you for everything and for always being there for me.