Friday, April 24, 2009

Little League and Friends

We are still enjoying the Little League season. I have been there rain or shine to watch my baby boy play. It is so exciting to see the way he gets so into the game. The sun was out for his last game so I invited my sweet friend and neighbor, Lindsey and her little guy, Jacob to come watch the game with me. Jacob sat in his carseat ready to go with his baseball cap on, saying, "Go bay-ball, see Dabid!"
Thanks for joining me as I cheered for my little star. I loved having you there and I know David likes to show off his skills. haha


Lindsey Armstrong said...

Thanks for inviting us...Jacob and I had lots of fun...he mentioned Davids b-ball game again today, and he wanted to know where Hope was also! I love going to b-ball games and David is fun to watch! He has a strong arm, and he has strength behind his swing! We will have to go again sometime!

Alice said...

You are always welcome, my dear!!!

B.E.Hughes said...

Except for the surprise "COLD WIND" it was a great event! I wish David had more "at bat" opportunities, but the other team's pitching was a challenge to hit anyway! [walk? again? times how many? LOL] Glad we got a few good pics in the sunshine!