Thursday, April 16, 2009

David and His Guitar

David started asking us for an electric guitar sometime last year. As a mother of 3, in a small house...I had to try to convince him to try a different instrument. For those of you who know David personally, you know that once he sets his mind on something that is all he thinks about. When I finally realized that he wasn't going to stop asking...I told him that if saved enough money he could buy one. I said this thinking that he would never save enough for such a spendy item. He's only ten for crying out loud, and $130 wasn't going to just fall into his lap. Well, obviously he proved me wrong when after only a few months he had enough. With his birthday money and odd jobs he did for his dad, he approached me with a big wad of money and grin on his face. I kept to my word and let him pick one off of Ebay with a really nice amp (should have got the smaller..quieter one, live and learn). To our surprise, after only playing with it for half an hour he could play a song. We watched in amazement as his fingers gripped the correct strings for whatever note he wanted to play. Let me add here, that he has had no lessons or training with a guitar. He has had his guitar for over a month now and will still rush home from school, run into his room, and start making music on his fancy red electric guitar. Next on my list is to get him some well as a smaller amp. ;)


Sally Ann said...

Cool! If he is determined (sounds like he is), he'll get really good, really fast. He'll probably get better then me, I'm not very good anyway. Especially with lessons. Happy for him! :D
I want to get an electric sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

David is definitely naturally gifted in many ways. I hope that he will be able to get some lessons, and that he sticks with it. I know he can play some piano by ear as well. Smart kid! :)