Monday, February 9, 2009


“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.”―2 Thess. 3:5

We hate to wait.
We get bored quickly

Think about the prophets of old who knew Messiah was coming
So they waited
And waited
And waited

Most of them died without ever seeing their Savior with their eyes, just their hearts

Think about those who were alive when Jesus was born
Then a baby came, a baby that fulfilled all of the prophecies they have been taught
Then a baby comes that is the One they have been waiting for
And most of them refused to believe.
They would rather wait
And they died without believing even though they had saw Him

Today people are still waiting
Waiting for someone to make them feel good
Waiting on someone to solve all their problems
Waiting for someone who cares
Waiting for a savior
Every day they see Jesus in the people they come across
Every day they see the evidence of His creation
Every day Jesus calls out to them
And they wait
And wait.
And one day they too may die without ever believing in the One they see every day
Because they would rather wait than believe.

Christians wait too
We wait for a better time to tell someone about Jesus
We wait for a more convenient time
We wait for the next revival service
We wait until granny is in town
We wait for the Pastor to preach the right sermon
We wait till we are comfortable
We wait until we know enough
We wait for a safer location
We wait
We wait and our friends, neighbors and family members die eternally because we waited

Satan is waiting too.
He is waiting for a lost sinners time to expire
He is waiting for hells population to go up one more
He waits for more souls to die.
Satan is busy while he waits
He is busy telling lost people there is plenty of time
He is busy convincing Christians that there is enough time to wait.
He is waiting for a victory, as small as it may be

Jesus is waiting
He is waiting for lost folks to believe
He is waiting for His children to be faithful
He is waiting for Christians to actually follow Him
Jesus is waiting for faithful, obedient people to do what they should

Is Jesus waiting on you?

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