Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Letter From Your "self"

We all struggle with that old "SELF" that tries to dominate our lives. If you are a Christian you have to understand that being a Christian not only means your sins are forgiven and you're on your way to Heaven......it also calls for a crucifixion of the old "SELF-LIFE". We are called to give all rights over to the indwelling Christ. Here's a letter explaining how the old "SELF" manifests itself:

I am your "SELF." Allow me to introduce myself. I have been here since you were born. I am "SELF"ish. I am hurt when I am not recognized. I am easily offended. I expect the world to bow down and make me happy.
If you disappoint me I'll be sure to let you know. If I do something nice for you and you don't talk about me I may never help you again. If I'm not applauded for my spirituality I'll go somewhere where people will notice how spiritual I am. When I walk into a room I want to be noticed and I pay very close attention as to who admires me.
I'm not content to perform little "hidden" works for God. No, I want the BIG, showy, SELF-gratifying, SELF-glorifying deeds! Give me something to do where people will SEE how much of a servant I am.
Don't expect me to dress plain, talk simple, live average or love to remain unknown. I need the spotlight. Give me fancy dress, a lot of talk about myself, the newest of material things and let me hear my name being praised on the lips of others.
Oh don't get me wrong....I'm very religious. I make sure others know about my wonderful experiences and how long I spend with God. I even leave my Bible open where others can see it so they can see which verses I have underlined and highlighted.
I am doing so well at this Christian business. It's a shame others haven't "caught-up" with me yet.
And don't dare cross me. If you think you can offend me and get by with it you're sadly mistaken! I'll show you real fast who's the boss in this temple! I know that Jesus was reviled and never opened His mouth....but not me! I'm "SELF"ish! Not only will you hear about it but everyone else will too!
I demand your attention. I insist on having my way. I am number one. I am god. I own what I own and don't even think that I'll give it away. It's mine.
So just remember, you'd better not ignore me. Bow to me and recognize me. Feed my ego. Be perfect. No offenses allowed. Praise me. Talk about me. Tell others how wonderful I am. Serve me. Adore me. And never tell me I'm wrong. There's no use arguing with me because I have to win every time.
Your self

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