Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing at Park...in the Dark!

My sister Ruth's daughter Pearl spent the night last night. We were all sitting around watching Disney Channel..nothin spectacular. It was a beautiful night, so I suggested we all go for a walk. They couldn't believe I was serious since it was already 9pm, but I was up for the adventure. We ended up at the park where we had a blast....until the sprinklers turned on and had us running for cover. haha. Well, the girls and I went running away from the sprinklers while David screamed with delight and ran into them.

Ever gone to the park at night? You should, it was a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Where was Hopie? Did any bats attack your heads? ;-)

We used to go to the rope swing in the dark...that was so much fun! :)

Alice said...

No bats..that we could see anyway. Hope was spending the night with Alison and Abby next door.