Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Little Hopie

Today is my baby girls birthday!! She is 9 today, so not really a baby in most peoples eyes, but she will be "my" baby forever. I am so glad that God has kept her tiny enough to still jump in my arms and sit on my hip. I love that she still loves to curl up on my lap and cuddle with me in the evenings. I treasure that precious time with her.

It seems like just the other day I found out I was expecting her. She is our little miracle baby. After adopting David, with the assumption that we could not have another child, along came Hope. She has been such a JOY to have in my life. I pray that her sweet disposition and sensitive heart will continue to blossom as she grows into the young lady that God has designed her to be.


Sally Ann said...

She is so CUTE! Tell her Happy birthday for me! :D

Alice said...

Thanks, Sally. I will.