Friday, August 29, 2008

Our pets...

When Hopie turned 5 and started school it left me with sort of an "empty nest" feeling.Dustin finally gave in to getting me a puppy, on which I could shower my love and affections. I shopped around for a hypo-allergenic breed that I liked and ended up with our mini-Schnauzer, Dewey. I love my little companion who happily lays at my feet and pines for my attention.

Our newest addition is our baby yorkie, Phoebe. Well, actually, she is Grace's puppy, but we all get to enjoy her sweet disposition & adorable little face. Dewey loves having a new playmate although at times, I think he gets a little weary of her playful spirit.

...and of course, I can't forget about Diamond, our kitty. Grace and I brought her home from the grocery store almost 5 years ago. A few months prior I had made Grace get rid of her ginnypig...disgusting animals, and now we would try a cat. After all, they are not large, sharp tooth rodents. We were blessed to get a kitty who doesn't need a cat box but prefers to go outside to do her business. She just sits at the door and meows. She is pretty anti-social, but will on occasion, curl up in a ball beside you and allow you to pet her.

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