Friday, August 29, 2008

Lake Cushman

I have lived here in Washington most of my life and had never been to Lake Cushman till last month. Dustin's sister Tiff and her husband Norm bought some land on the lake and are just finishing building their cabin. A home away from home. Dustin's mom was in town from Virginia for the 4th of July so we thought we would spend the day at the lake. It was a long drive, but the closer we got, the more beautiful our surroundings became. The cabin is so peaceful with not another house in view. There is an absolutely stunning view of the mountains from the front porch.

We threw the kids in the back of Uncle Norms truck and took off down the dirt road to the lake. I really can't put into words how in awe I was when we got there. It literally took my breath away. I mean, we have some pretty beautiful places here in the Northwest but this was by far my new favorite. The lake is surrounded by mountains and hills, and there was a hazey fog when we first arrived. The whole day kinda seemed like we were in another time and place.

It was such a relaxing, fun-filled day. No tv's, no radio, no rush. We shared past memories and made new ones. Simple family chit-chat and lots of laughter. It was a good day. One of the best in my opinion. I can't wait to go back.

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