Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little League Tryouts 2010

I am anxiously waiting to hear the words, “Play Ball” for Little League season 2010. I think that I am even more excited than David for the games to begin. There’s nothing like sitting in the fresh air watching your kid play sports.

Saturday was try-outs for this year, where the coaches watch the kids play ball and then pick out the players they want on their team. He did an awesome job when it came his turn to show them what he could do. They have the kids start out batting, and they have them bunt the first two pitches. David nailed both of his bunts as I cheered from the sidelines and he gave me his, “Please don’t embarrass me” look. Then they told him to hit away. He hit all but one of the pitches while I bit my tongue and just beamed with pride. Then the coaches had all the kids line up and run from home-plate to 2nd base while they timed them. David ran it in 7 seconds flat. He also played a little infield and outfield determined to stand out from the rest.

This will be David’s first year in the Majors, although he did play on the Southern League “All-Star” team last year so he was able to experience playing with the better players. He’s ready to play with the big boys now. It’s going to be a GREAT year!!!


B.E.Hughes said...

I can't wait to get some photos! Go, David! GO!

preacher said...

Go David Go! Do your Mama proud!