Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving List A - Z

A- aunties, autumn, angels, air conditioning, adoption
B- babies, beaches, Bible, bathes, baseball,
C- car, Costco, clearance racks, cousins, cell phone, camera, church, cuddling
D- dresses, doggies, dishwasher, doctors, dentists, dancing
E- email, exercise, ebay, eyes
F- family, friends, freedom, flip flops, facebook, flowers, feet
G- garlic fries, Goodwill, gum
H- house, hope, hugs, hands, happiness, heat
I- ice cream, imagination, Imitrex,
J- jammies, jokes, jewelry, joy
K- kids, koolaid, kisses, knitting
L- laptop, light, lollypops, laughter, lip gloss, love
M- music, microwaves, mercy, make-up, movies
N- neighbors, nieces & nephews, nail polish
O- onion rings, ocean, oatmeal cookies
P- parents, pumpkin pie, prayer, purses, pepto
Q- quiet, quality time, quotes, Q-tips, quilts
R- rain boots, remote control, romance, relaxing, raspberries, Ryan Reynolds (hehe, jk)
S- sisters, Splenda, slippers, soccer, sunshine, silliness, Starbucks, soldiers,
T- texting, tea, thrift stores, teeth, toys, tacos, toilets
U- umbrella's, USA, unity
V- vitamins, vacation, veggies, vacuum, vanilla
W- washer machine, wisdom, water, weekends
X- Xanax
Y- yogurt, yard sales, yoga
Z- ziplock baggies, zoo


B.E.Hughes said...

SO much to thank Him for!

Raquel said...

I love this!!! I think I am going to make a long list of the alphabet and have my family on thanksgiving fill out a letter each.